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About us

When we seek change, we are often presented with new and interesting choices. These choices help us grow, learn and open our minds to new possibilities. In every arena of our lives, we are presented with these wonderful opportunities…especially FOOD. In fact, one of the most personal choices we make on a daily basis is: "What shall I eat?"

Fortunately, in the vibrant, multi-cultural Washington DC metro area, there are a myriad possible answers to this simple yet important question.Fake Breitling watche Aren't we fortunate to live in these interesting times? Indeed, Blue City was founded on a deep belief that diversity and togetherness go hand in hand. When we're willing to open up our minds to new experiences, we have a better chance of embracing our differences and thriving as people.

At Blue City, we like to keep things simple:

? Do a few things…do them exceptionally well
? Live fully…eat tastefully - focus on flavor, family, friends & fun
? Give back…help feed children in need

We see a future where no child will have to feel insecure about her next meal. We appreciate our customers' patronage that helps us reach that goal together.



Like many of you, I've always felt a close connection with food...good food. I like every aspect of it. Thinking about what to cook. The aromas of fresh spices. The anticipation of how it will taste. Even the scrambling for alternatives when something doesn't go quite as planned. But most of all, I feel a deep satisfaction when cooking for others...my family, my friends, my customers.

My path to founding Blue City?…technology executive…international travels…start-ups…corporate ladder…entrepreneur…foodie…seeking more…craving change…are you crazy to give up your successful career?…follow your passion…yadda yadda yadda…sound familiar? Perhaps. We all have stories about where we come from and where we want to go. I promise to share mine with you over a tasty meal some day…

I draw my inspiration from the art of hospitality in Rajasthan (in particular my birthplace, Jodhpur) and sweet memories of watching my mom, an exceptional cook, perform magic in the kitchen so we had fresh and interesting food on our plates every day. I want my child to have that same sense of awe and security. I want every child to…

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